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The Union of Linguists

Slovotvir is a platform for collective search, discussion, and selection of different variants of translation of foreign words into the Ukrainian language.


Platform for Community

Such neologisms as 'selfie', 'touch screen', 'crowdfunding', or 'hashtag' are simply copied in Ukrainian and then reproduced (transcribed or transliterated) intuitively at speaker's own discretion, without following any standardized rules.

They become loan words, which do have corresponding translations into French, German, or Polish, but have not been translated into Ukrainian.


So, this project provides a platform for community participation so as to find adequate translations for the popular foreign neologisms and, thus, support development of the Ukrainian language.


Basis of the Brand

The Ukrainian language is often called 'a language of nightingales', as it sounds very gentle and melodic, which becomes especially obvious if you listen to the lullabies or folk and contemporary songs.


Therefore, a nightingale was selected as a basis of the brand. Since the online platform Slovotvir is based upon the exchange of messages and opinions, as well as active discussion of translations, the nightingale was created in the form of bubbles (messages), which symbolizes discussion, communication, and sharing of translations and opinions.


The state flag of Ukraine (yellow and blue) was chosen as a basis of the color scheme, since the platform is dedicated to the translation of foreign words into the Ukrainian language. The type Slim Tony was used for the lettering.

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