The Roxman / Carsharing app



Germany, Berlin


Marketplace for Carpooling


$3,000 to $4,000


Leasing Holding

Carsharing is an app created to make your journey easier. This application is a simple and free platform for drivers and passengers to meet and organize their joint trip. Beyond that, it is built for comfort both owner of the car and individual traveler.



First, we started from the wireframe of the application, creating interface and design. Then we tested our prototypes. Considering all client's wishes, we had several iterations ended up in the final product you can see.



We have chosen the laconic color scheme (green and blue) and the simple font on a such a basis that it would easy to see and read in the car during the ride within arm's reach.


Style and Functionality

Style of the application is minimalistic with clean lines and blocks. The first screen shows short but comprehensive information about a certain journey (starting and endpoint of destination, estimated arrival time, price seat, etc.). Moreover, you can check driver's rating and reviews, see his car, how many seats are already booked and baggage size which you are able to carry.

The second screen demonstrates all carsharing journeys available for your destination with ratings and prices. The third screen shows a driver (or a passenger) profile with necessary information displayed in small colorful icons.



The carsharing application was designed to save time, money and energy for drivers and travelers. It is easy-to-use, and it takes minimum time to create a new trip or choose among already existed.


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