The Roxman / Remote 360 camera control

360 Camera Control

Ready to open brand new horizons? 360 professional camera along with the IOS app provides the sense of immersion, as it enhances the user experience, creates live simulations, visualizes immovable objects and allows capturing events as if you were there by your own.



This stage remains one of the most important steps in our work. We have started out by developing userflow in order to see and understand philosophy (meaning operating principle) of this application. As a result, we were able to optimize certain steps and create related patterns throughout the application.



Let's speak about several settings options available with the use of the mobile app. Every camera objective can be customized in a real-time mode. Moreover, you can control white-balance and exposure of every camera independently.



Testing is an essential part of the design process. Our obligatory internal testing includes reduction of the user path to the main functions and every screen analysis as to make the number of elements optimal.


The application interface is done in such a way that camera occupies maximum screen space, so the user can fully enjoy mobile phone display features (all icons appear on transparent elements over the camera image).


Camera interaction

The user can quickly switch between all the cameras and adjust the necessary setting of every camera independently.


Cloud studio

360 professional camera offers an internal service that allows copying and sending all the video to the server, where files are being processed and kept for the user's next steps.


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