The Roxman / 360 Camera Control

360 Camera Control

360 professional camera along with the iOS remote app that can provide fully immersive experiences, as it enhances customer experiences, creates live simulations, visualizes real estates, and can capture events as if you were there yourself.


The philosophy behind Absolute Zero is to create more than a camera. This high-quality VR productions intuitive and accessible for anyone.

The app for Android and iOS functions as remote control, status monitor for battery and internal storage. The preview function allows you to check and review your recording directly at the set, control light and object positions.

Interact with the Camera

You can choose fully-automatic mode or change settings as desired. White balance, exposure, EV steps, ISO, WB and AE lock, sharpness and many more can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Cloud Studio

Tools enable you to take care of every step in the workflow seamless and quickly. Cameras create the input and Cloud Studio takes your 360 productions to the next level.

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