The Roxman / The app which shows the location of your children

Avisame Cuando Llegues

Avisame cuando llegues is an app designed for families. The app lets you know when your children arrive or leave a place. For instance, when they arrive to school or leave the club.


The app has been specially designed for mothers and fathers who are interested to know where their children are.


Branding / App Icon

Together with the development of a brand we create an icon for the app and all necessary materials for publications in AppleStore and Google Play.

Read more about design brand for the application



At the stage of creating a prototype we have developed a user flow which helps us to predict all possible scenarios of a user interaction with an interface.



We don't leave the users in front of closed doors; we help them to deal with any obstacles for instance no internet connection, database connection or any other problem a user might encounter.

We create scripts on blank screens to avoid any problems while using the programm. The user can also create or find the data in case there is any lack of it.



After creating a prototype we capture a visual style on the basis of created brand and work through every detail of the screen.


At the stage of creating a visual style we test the interaction of a user with the interface and correct the errors which could not be tracked at the design stage. Key points, composition and the colour may change the interaction and the convenience of use.



After launching the product, we conduct a marketing support and create visual style for launching advertising campaigns.



Website makes an essential part in launching the majority of products; it serves not only as a starting point for advertising campaigns but also for maintaining and communication with the customers.


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