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Avisame Cuando

App thought for family

Avisame cuando llegues is an app thought for family. The app let you know when your children arrive or leave a place. For example, when they arrive to school or leave the club.

For whom is thought the app?

On the initial stage of the project, it is very important to understand who is going to use this product, why it is created and what role it will have. We give these questions not only to our clients but also to ourselves. This is what you need to do for a better understanding of the product and to find the kick-start.

The app specially for mothers and fathers that are interested in knowing where their children are (teenagers specially).


We create the map of associations which we get while answering these questions. They help us to create the first ideas and sketches.


During the process of generating ideas we create a number of sketches and work on the future forms of a sign. The shapes are transformed and united and this is how we create a new symbol.

First Ideas

The first ideas might not be accurate, however they let us understand the direction in which we need to move on.

Choosing the Direction

After receiving all feedbacks from our customer we focused our attention on the key elements and represented new concepts which correspond the performance targets.

The Development of an Idea

We started to develop and work through a chosen concept in more details after receiving another feedback from the customer.

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